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GTD methos (Getting Things Done) has become in one of the most used methods so to increase productivity and efficiency, either for individual work or to work as part of a team.

What does exactly it consist of?

GTD comes from a David Allen´s  book about productivity, who is specilized in companies productivity and Board of Directors coaching. He is also author of productivity-minded  best seller books.

With this method, David Allen introduce a new business philosophy when doing daily task to be more efficient and productive. GTD is a process for sorting our ideas based on how we capture what we need to get done, how we organize it and how we triage what we need to do in each moment.

The five basic foundations of GTD:

  1. Capture.

Capturing includes everything we need to do, every Project in course, including task, daily and weekly routines and everything that show up into your mind and you think you need to get accomplished sooner or later.

Write down every idea in a notebook or wherever you consider, how it is for example our tool EPC Tracker, with wich you can organizae your projects, teams and task and streamline communication flows in a very Handy way, because you can do it from a laptop, Tablet or Smartphone.

  1. Focus

Once you´ve catured your projects and daily/weekly tasks, the time has come to  focus on what you really need to do. Consequently, is time for breaking every Project down in single task and define a responsible for every of them.

If when doing this there are task you can get done right now, do it

If any of them can be delegated, do it. This can be easily done by using EPC Tracker automatocally.

This behavior let you unplug from this undone task and be focused on your own task and routines.

  1. Organize

The next step in GTD method is to organize  according its prority the remaining tasks. Then you need to asigne a due date. EPC Tracker allows you to visualize and execute this phase in a very intuitive, flexible and simple way, without losing control of the progress of the projects you are working on, and with the information needed so to slow down or speed up the pace of the project.

  1. Reflect

The fourth step in this metodology is reflection, take your time so to prioritize tasks. Take a deep brathe and consider what is more important and urgent, and decide what should be your next task. If you notice that some task is to complex, break it down and narrow it to more little pieces of work.

Simultaneously, you have to compromiso with yourself to review periodically your to-do list, so to detect where are you are performing better and worse

  1. Act

Once you have organized your workflow, it is time to start working. Now you have the confident of being focused in the correct task.

In you are interested in this methodology, you can test our app EPC Tracker, by which you can organize projects, tasks, schedules and reponsibles, with the aim of increase your efficiency and productivity in your projects.

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Recently we had the opportunity to hold a presentation of our mobility app EPC Tracker to some representatives of the Federation of Construction Companies based in Cádiz (Spain). As a reminder, EPC Tracker is a tool which introduces mobile devices in project management, specially in Construction sector, which means an innovation in both work and communication processes that hinder the correct accomplishment of the activities needed to get a project done.

EPC Tracker is being used by Iberdrola in a project for the construction of a Biomass Plant in Canada, and it had a warm welcome among the executives of FAEC Cádiz, who showed their interest and commitment so as to introduce innovation in the sector and get it more competitive.



For our team is a new stimuli that such an institution like this took so enthusiastically the strengths of EPC Tracker, because it represents a broad range of companies belonging the construction sector, many of them with active presence worldwide. Thus, in ahead, new horizons are open and new ways of collaboration on the table in order to take the industry to the next level.




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We want to put our flagship product, EPC Tracker, on the fast track, not only for construction sector, but in all the sector whith a lack of productivity and control about their project and team members, specially those which have workers on the field and need to streamline and monitor the work in real time.

The main ingredient of real time is technonology and effective communication.

Agro-Industrial Scientific and Technological Park of Jerez

We are really eager with the implementation of EPC Tracker in this key technology spot, because EPC Tracker have just started being used as project management tool. This is such a technological center which needs high profile and efficient  tools to get its work done and maintain it on track, and most importantly, under control. We took part into a promotional video about this scientist place that can be watched beneath these lines.

Speeding up the communication flows , allowing document-sharing in real time and tracing the way that work has been done, are facts which boost enormously  productivity. This means control of the processes, control of the ongoing activities of all the projects, in real time, throughout the introduction of mobile devices in project management.

Not only EPC sector needs to get rid of email overload, improve communication and streamline the workload, is a common issue that companies are currently facing worldwide, and Evolucionapp is here to be handy for all these innovative businesses.

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In the last week we´ve been present in several entrepreneurial meeting points, giving support to the entrepreneurial movement, by attending as speakers to the event New ventures in the European Union, held in the incomparable place called Claustros de Santo Domingo, in Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz), in the I Andalusian Entrepreneurial Congress  which took place in Seville, as well as in the Workshop for University Technological Entrepreneurs celebrated in the Engineering School of Cadiz University.

It has been such a great experience for us the fact of sharing our knowledge and background with those who are currently thinking of moving from the idea to its execution, because they will be the persons creating richness and value in the next years.

EPC Tracker, our app for project management which uses mobile devices for optimizing its control, communications and productivity, has been again in the media because of its innovative features.

Very intense and gratifying weeks which continue pushing our action forward in order to address our mission of providing solutions that make life easier both for companies and customers, by using new technologies.



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As we leave behind EmTech Spain, an event which took place this week on 5th and 6th november in the Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia, it make us to reflect on the contents discussed and shared by the high profile speakers who tackled the different approaches about innovation and successful business cases, which validate how relevant innovation is nowadays, in the current competitive environment, when the CHANGE is constant.


We had the opportunity of knowing, among others, the amazing experience of Pixable and the very insightful debate table formed by Kenneth Morse, Tülin Karabük y Pablo Rodriguez.

For us it has been such a great experience, and our presence as selected company for the investor forum , where we showed our mobility app for project management EPC Tracker, was really positive, overcoming our beforehand expectations.

Captura de pantalla 2013-11-07 a la(s) 11.19.51

We share with you some pictures we took during our presence at EmTech Spain, and we strongly recommend to all the entrepreneurial ecosystem to attend to the next year edition.

See you soon EmTech!!

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This last week has been really intense for our team. The event held in order to the public release of both Minerva Project and the selected projects has drawn a strong attention to the media, as well as it positions to Evolucionapp within the select group of companies capable of developing the more complex apps.

This fact is reinforced by the presence and support that companies such as Vodafone, Nokia or the EOI ( School of Industrial Organization) give to this project, which empowers mobility-based projects with more scalability and growth potential.

EPC Tracker is a multi-platform app that facilitates EPC project management, which are projects for the construction of large infrastructures as it is the case of airports, railways, gas pipelines, biomass power stations and so on, by introducing mobile devices on its construction phase. It allows to streamline communication, process automatization and get to know in real time the progress level of the ongoing project, a knowledge which allows saving costs thanks to the boost of productivity.

Its possibilities goes beyond EPC sector because it can be used in any sector and any company which requires a more agile project management and real time communication.

National media (as it happened with the renowned economic newspaper Cinco Días), and other different local communication channels spread the word involving the power of this tool, which is attracting curiosity in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

In the next video appears images of our app and our CEO Mario Rondán explaining the potential of EPC Tracker on behalf of the whole team that makes it possible, as well as other members of selected projects.

Intense and passionate months of work ahead of us in order to show that from Evolucionapp we can raise the productivity of the companies and making them more competitive and efficient by using new technologies.

Links to the project presentation:

Photo Gallery

La Información.com

Diario de Jerez

Información Jerez

Reporteros Jerez

+ Jerez

Diario Bahía de Cádiz

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EPC Tracker, our large infrastructure project management app, which are usually known as ¨Turnkey Projects¨ or more technically  as EPC Projects (Engineering, Procurement and Construction), has been selected to be showcased in the prestigious Investment Forum EmTech 2013.

EmTech Spain 2013 will be held next 5th and 6th november in Valencia. It is the most significant tech conference in the world, and it is organized by MIT Technology Review, the renowned and worldwide reference review of Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

EmTech is a key place where technological gurus, scientist and young entrepeneurs are showcased and present the more innovative ideas that will change society, people well-being and the way businesses are done.


The Investment Forum is a high performance place in which a restricted number of startups previously selected present their projects to a group of prestigious international venture capital investors. Each selected startup previously sent relevant information about their business plan and products, what makes possible that investors get to know the projects, technology developed and business models before the meetings.

For Evolucionapp this selection is a momentum that reinforces the work we daily do, where we pour all our  effort, passion and enthusiasm. A new stimuli in order to keep on growing and creating value based on knowledge and new technologies.

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Jose Enrique de Castro Hernández work as Head of Construction in EPC projects. He has a large background worldwide managing work teams in the construction phase on these macroproject jobsites, a key phase because it is where the major communication problems take place and it is most difficult to coordinate the work teams in order to maintain the project on track and being capable to address the arranged milestones with the owner without having cost increases .

We had the pleasure to interview him and we got to know his approach about new technologies adoption when managing EPC projects, as well as his feedback about our app EPC Tracker.

imagen 1

Question. What are the main constraints you have found out during your career as Head of Construction of EPC projects?

Answer. Along my work career in the construction sector, either as a subcontractor responsible or as constructor responsible, one of the more significant constraints I have seen is the effectiveness when handling basic information for the management and execution of construction activities in an overall jobsite context. Firtsly, the use of channels that were originally created to improve the communication effectiveness  and information processing as is the case of email, which it turns out to distort its aim, because email produces a deluge of information with lot of inputs and outputs, diluting responsabilities and eliminating any possibility of tracking from the beginning of the information generated. This whole situation ends up affecting the quality of decission making because decisions are taken based on out of date information.

On the other hand, if we consider that a great time window has always existed in between the actual jobsite information and the information that decision-makers handle when making their decisions, we come across a hazardous and powerful cockteil so we can state that a part of the delays and cost deviations come from this communication issues.

Q. ¿ What role could new technologies play to address these constraints?   

A. New technologies bring to us new platforms which allow to generate tools capable to be adapted to the foundations of traceability, pragmatism, integrity, effectiveness and very important, mobility, by managing the information involving our construction workplaces in real time.

Hence they are a root piece in order to improve information management in the construction place and thus attenuate the constraints that for now have been difficult to deal with.

Q.  What are the reasons because of such an innovative sector which manage high value contracts have not truly adopted new technologies?      

A. I have several theories, one of them, the most important, is due to the growht period that construction sector has experienced in the first years of this decade, a factor which has had a negative influence on possible breakthroughs that such a sector like this can have, with very powerful inertias and with the non written law of minimun effort, in a way in which nobody stop thinking in being more competitive throughout innovation meanwhile there were enough market for all the competitors.

A second theory and as a consequence of the first one, if we look backward ten or fifteen years, we could realize that the evolution of  management competitiveness has been leaded for the intent of reducing prices by reducing costs but without creating added value, a policy which has been followed for any company playing in this market, leaving behind the fact of taking this competitiveness to the way of working, the way of organising or the way of using innovative resources which could give an improvement to the product, taking into account to create a real added value that leads to differentiation in respect to competitors.

Now, we struggle with the dark beast as is the crisis that affects the whole sector. In this situation where offers is higher than demand, cost reduction to be more competitive is clearly not enough, because there are limits in their margins. Thus there could be more receptiveness to these new ideas with more added value, underlying ideas for much time ago, looking for a change in the way of management so they are able to offer a difference in respect to competitors.

Q. Technological tools such as Dropbox, Evernote or project management software could help you to get easier your work?    

A. In fact they have already been used as essential elements in my way of working, when monitoring the workplace, meetings, notes and studies, because I find a bigger effectiveness when it comes to tackle them. For me they are powerful tools which if used in the proper way give you an added value in comparison with the use of pen and paper.

Q. How do you imagine the EPC sector in ten years time?

A. EPC contract management must maintain an information flow without distortions, keeping the essential inside, being able to correctly streamline it, top-down and bottom-up, by spending the right time, creating workplaces where work happens in an optimal way, beneath an organization synchronized with the real situation of the project and thereby it heads towards the success of works to be done.

In ten years time, this will be the trend involving the way of working because there are powerful technologies capable of making us being aware of this reality, a reality which we all currently have present and we look at it as the horizon to be followed.

P. We had the privilege you to evaluate EPC Tracker in order to help us in its development. What different values do you think it offers in comparison with other solutions in the market?

A. From my point of view the available solutions in the market tackle small pieces if we consider what EPC Tracker offers. This tool guide you in a specific way to the EPC project management, by taking advantage of the synergies all these available solutions have, because EPC Tracker adapts them to the needs of this sector. I think this tool create an unique value from the existing ones, by optimizing its features and adapting them to the EPC sector.

Q. Why do you think that in general companies have so many resistances to change and tackle a real innovation?

A. Big companies, as a result of being that way, as I previously mentioned have large inertias in its organization and policy, in the management systems used, in their quality systems and as well in their development systems. Any idea or innovation which suggests deep changes in this concepts, creates big resistances and provokes a initial rejection about all in good times. Making decisions in this way must be accompanied by critical situations that imply a survival instinct. In the meantime, through marketing departments they handle selling companies beyond what the company really is, without any risk and covered with a manipulation mantle.

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In its latest edition, the renowned spanish economic neewspaper  Cinco Días got interested in our app for managing EPC projects in order to be up front regarding the most appealing projects belonging to the technological entrepreneurial spanish ecosystem.

For our team, which works very hard and determinated to get Evolucionapp as a reference involving apps development, this interview has been a great satisfaction for being considered among this most valued projects.

Our CEO, Mario Rondán, on behalf of the whole team that makes possible to develop such kind of innovative tools as EPC Tracker, made this interview which we reproduce and translate next, in which it is explained the need that EPC Tracker meets and the roadmap to be followed for conquering the market.


There is no direct competitors regarding EPC Tracker

In 2012 september, the cofounders of Evolucionapp were able to tackle an entrepreneurial project involving mobile app developing.After an in-depth market study, the developed EPC Tracker, an app which introduce mobile devices in EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) project management.

What market need are you supposed to meet with this product?

We want to avoid changes that negatively affects the starting planning once construction phase starts, which is equal to the loosing of large amount of money. We do that by getting planning up to date, optimizing activities and incidences management, streamlining communication and work processes, bringing closer team work and taking advantage of the know how which lies in the company.

What advantages does EPC Tracker have in comparison with competitors?

There is no direct competitors regarding EPC Tracker. There are solutions and apps which tap into partial solutions, and you need to used at the same time different tools. EPC Tracker is an integral solution focused in the center where major and more expensive problems arise, those originated in the job field. A great asset is that we count on the expertise of top professional belonging EPC project management, who have conveyed to us their very appreciated knowledge so we can impregnate with it the architecture and usability of the app.

What is your target profile?

Mainly, large contractors awarded with EPC contracts, even though our crossplatform app can be used by smaller companies too. We are speaking about large companies which bid for be awarded for managing international construction of big infrastructures, which need to take out or even improve the margins they forecast to obtain for running the project.

What tools do you use to contact such kind of clients?

From its conception our product is global, because of that we use digital media that already exist to get in touch with international clients.Is very significant to be able to reach the decision makers in this companies, we speak about high level contacts, of which we are supplied  by the top professional mentioned above.

What are you company goals in medium term?

Our medium term goal is to get  a solid establishment as app development company and running EPC Tracker in several of the large contractors which have seen in EPC Tracker a powerful tool, by taking advantage of being the first in the market in order to lead the development of the innovative management tools for the EPC sector and become the reference provider of technological solutions.

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Last Friday we received official statement about the selection of our app EPC Tracker by Minerva Project in order to be accelerated.

For all we are on board in the work team of Evolucionapp, this is a new momentum in our long distance race that is becoming EPC Tracker the reference app for managing EPC projects , which can be used for other activities such as facilities O&M (Operation and Maintenance), not only facilities belonging EPC sector but facilities which need operation and maintenance activities as it is the case in either hospitals or hotels.

Minerva Project is an Andalusian Government  program, backed for companies such as Vodafone and Nokia as well as educational institutions as Industrial Organization School (EOI). Minerva´s aim is to dynamize the market penetration of high scalability potential mobility solutions. Therefore, this recognition open to us an opportunity window so to keep on moving forward our  Go to Market Strategy and establish EPC Tracker in such as appealing market, which manages contacts with large amounts of money worldwide.

This recognition is a new stimulus that reinforces the positive feedback we have received regarding EPC Tracker, and must be used to take advantage of the Know-How created when developing new mobility solutions and apps so companies have a better engagement with their targets. Furthermore, this milestone has to leverage our self-demand work performance and avoid we to fall into self-complacency.

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